Australian Standards

Composts, soil conditioners and mulches to AS4454, Landscaping Soils to AS4419 and Potting Mixes to AS3743. AS4454 (2012) is the Australian Standard for composting, soil conditioners and mulches and this standard aims to protect human health, the environment and food quality. AS4454 was designed to encourage beneficial and sustainable reuse of materials containing nutrients and organic matter. East West can perform the characterisation of materials to see if they comply with AS4454AS4419 (2003) is the Australian Standard for producing quality soils for landscaping and gardening use. East West can test for the minimum requirements for general purpose soils, top dressing, topsoil and landscaping mixes for domestic and commercial use. AS3743 (2003) is the Australian Standard for potting mixes and this standard specifies physical, biological and chemical labelling requirements for potting mixes to be packaged for resale.