We are looking for new team members!

Please send your resume with a letter of introduction and the type of role you are looking for to admin[at]eastwestonline[dot]com[dot]au 


The local team at East West has an experienced and highly qualified staff we can draw from who are committed to growing the company and meeting our goals. The systems and procedures in place ensure our company can maintain our services. Our key strengths, apart from NATA accreditation, are independence and our staff’s commitment to delivering project outcomes.

Stephanie Cameron

B.App.Sc. (Biological & Chemical Technologies) UWS Hawkesbury.

Operations Manager/Director/Consultant

Matthew Coleman

Certificate IV in Laboratory Technology

Laboratory Supervisor (Geotechnical)

Senior Laboratory/Field Technician (Geotechnical)

Anne Michie

Dip App. Sci. (Laboratory Technology) TAFE Armidale

Technical Manager/Field Technician/Consultant (Chemistry)

Steven Mitchell

Certificate IV in Laboratory Technology


Quality Manager (Geotechnical)

Senior Laboratory/Field Technician (Geotechnical)

Lisa Nies

Post. Grad Dip Sustainable Agriculture University of Sydney

Team Leader (Physical Soil)

Field Technician (Physical Chemistry)

Jason Lowien

B. Sci (Agriculture), University of Sydney
Production Manager (Chemistry)

Caroline Stewart

B. Sci University of NSW, Sydney
Quality Supervisor (Chemistry)

Ainslee Roser

Bachelor of Environmental Science and Management University of Newcastle
Environmental Scientist & Consultant

Silvia Cutillo

PhD. Genetic & Plant Biotechnologies, Italy, University of Bari, Aldo Moro
Scientific Officer (Chemistry)

Brendan Footit

Cert III Laboratory Technology

Senior Laboratory/Field Technician (Geotechnical)

Caitlin Huxley

Cert III Laboratory Skills

Laboratory Technician (Chemistry)

Laboratory Technician (Physical Chemistry)

Georgia Lambert

B. Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security, Western Sydney University, Richmond
Scientific Officer (Chemistry)

Jake Woods

B. Sci Charles Sturt University

Scientific Officer (Chemistry)

Wayne Smith

Certificate IV in Laboratory Technology

Earthworks Supervisor (Geotechnical)

Senior Laboratory/Field Technician (Geotechnical)

Michael Gray

Geotechnical Laboratory/Field Technician

Dustin Morris

Laboratory/Field Technician (Geotechnical)

Cassie Welch

Laboratory Assistant (Chemistry & Physical)

Cody Neville

Laboratory Assistant (Chemistry)

Christie Minchenko

B. Biological Sci, University of Western Sydney

Scientific Officer (Chemistry)

Anna Reading

B. Sci, University of New South Wales

Scientific Officer (Chemistry)



Anne-Marie Bennett

Diploma of Management

Business Manager

Kristen Engelbrecht

Diploma of Business Management

Chemistry Support Officer /Administration Assistant

Laura Coleman

Certificate III Administration

Geotechnical Support Officer /Administration Assistant

Georgia Morton

Certificate IV Administration

Geotechnical Support Officer /Administration Assistant